“I need to eat healthier”, said everyone at some point.

Ugh…I need to eat healthier How many of us have said this multiple times, over multiple days…or even years? There is just this gut feeling that we should probably be taking better care of ourselves. I hear this from my husband semi-regularly, especially after guys nights. The remorse is real. You should see the nachosContinue reading ““I need to eat healthier”, said everyone at some point.”

Celery Juice…wait what?

Um no, juice is sweet and delicious and NEVER green, I am thinking of a particular brother-in-law who is probably gagging right now (you know who you are). I’ve been around the juicing vibe for a number of years now and so when I heard of straight up celery juice, I wasn’t entirely phased. ButContinue reading “Celery Juice…wait what?”