I am Lissa, wife, mother of 3, friend of Jesus and nutrition addict.
Researching nutrition and holistic health started out as a hobby and interest and is now evolved into a necessary way of life. Nearly 10 years ago the ‘rubber hit the road’ for me when I was diagnosed with a large module on my thyroid. I was now in a position to put into practice everything I’ve preached and believed in up to that point.
I had no idea how my view of health would change over the course of this journey.
From vegan now to Auto-immune Paleo and everything in between, I’ve come to realize that what is ‘healthy’ can look a little different for everyone.
There are a few things that I’ve discovered to be foundational no matter what your ‘diet’ is….peace in your soul and eating your veggies.
Here I will explore more of the journey from vegan to Paleo and the stops in between.
So here is to Eating Well, Praying Often and Healing Always.

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