Break (the) fast


If you’re my husband you know every diner in a 100 mile radius and can rate them based on how good their home fries are. This has been the area of my greatest ‘awakening’ over the last few years. When you enthusiastically jump into something like the AIP (auto-immune paleo) diet and bound to the kitchen for your first breakfast – you quickly realize that you  That is you have no options until you change your mentality that breakfast is not carbs and greasy diner food and cinnamon buns and pancakes and waffles. *Sigh*

Breakfast…literally means Break the fast…. you have been fasting through the night, so it’s not so much when you break your fast that counts…. it’s how and with what you break your fast with that does.

So yes. That bowl pictured is my breakfast, those fresh crunchy greens were picked from my very humble garden (and by humble I mean humble, I have two planters that I am trying my darndest to keep alive) and dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, touch of lime and herbed salts.

Your body has grand plans to eliminate toxins and unwanted debris after cleansing through the night, and giving your body the foods to help it do just that will set you up for an energized day, without any of the previous days ‘baggage’ (and by baggage I do mean poop).


Recipe for a good Break—fast:

  • Before you do anything…drink that lemon water…it’s a level 3 liver cleanse, one of the only of its kind. (1/2 lemon in 16 oz of water). Do this while getting your breakfast ready, or before you shower. It’s the first thing that should go in your body and give it 20-30 minutes to work it’s magic.
  • Celery juice. If you can down 8-16 oz of this before any food…. well it’s amazing. Click here for a whole blog post on it.

(There is a good chance you will have dropped your baggage by this point).

  • Eat (or drink) your veggies. Get some delicious fresh greens or nicely roasted veggies. Go with fresh on a hot day, cooked on a cool day. Also add in a protein here, it will keep your blood sugar from dropping. If you’re doing a shake, add good protein powder and if eating a salad like in my photo, add in some of your preferred protein. I added some grilled trout to the one pictured above.

****NOTE: In the cooler months (if you live where there are cooler months) drinking fresh pressed cold vegetable juices can sometimes cause indigestion. Add a warming ingredient such as ginger and after juicing warm just a touch on the stove just to take the chill out and add a little warmth.

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