eat pray heal

eat well. pray often. heal always

In the maze of ‘what’s healthy’ I’ve found there are many answers. Over the years journeying through my own health goals, feeding a family and now treating two auto-immune health conditions, my nutrition has evolved. Here you will find some of this story along with a variety of recipes for every stage of your journey….where ever you may be.

Real Families | Real Nutrition 02: Keeping it Simple with the Bootsma’s

I think most people would describe Bethany and her husband (and their 3 gorgeous children) as sincere, beautiful, trustworthy, industrious and generous. She is someone that you can go to for advice ranging from parenting, sustainable fashion, relationships, femininity and anything else you might think of, she has a good head on her shoulders as…

The End of Your Rope

I can be a very goal-oriented, scratch that, I am a very goal-oriented person. Something I am becoming more and more aware of as the years go by. Enter some health issues in my life and the whole goal oriented personality of mine is taken for a loop. With everything else in life, I see…

eat pray heal